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The success in personal computer industry has a lot to do with a company called Microsoft, which is founded by Bill Gates. After 30 years, Microsoft is on the top of computer world.
Of Course, Microsoft created not only the operating system. Bing is also a part of it. Microsoft refers to Bing as a “decision engine.” With billions of websites on the Internet, you can imagine the power that Bing would possibly create. Bing’s focus is on four targets: Shopping, Travel, Local and Health. Its underlying goal is to simplify search.

Features Outline:

1. Autosuggest: it features the recommended words based on the previous letters you type. It will list automatically what’s the popular search input


2. Best Match: It is an algorithm created by Microsoft pushes the suggested search input for the user based on personal search history and interest.


3. Deep Links: Let user preview pages before they click.


4. Instant Answer: It would allow Bing quickly display the most relevant answer based on query. It means that if you ask some basic knowledge on Bing, it would display answers itself besides the search results.


5. Bing Travel: It automatically searches for low fare flight and hotels at the destination. Based on study, it returns more than 75 percent accuracy rate for searches and users saved on an average of $55 on each flight.

Specialized search strategies

Image Search:

1. Sometimes pictures could carry statistical information. So when search for some data, you can search for images.

2. You can use the suggested searches results to redefine your image search.



1.When look for a person, you can type in a phone number, email address or screen name (alpha).

2. The Bing mobile App features voice input, so whenever you want to search for a restaurant nearby, you can ask Bing App to figure it out for you.



How to use

Using Bing is just like using google since both are quite similar product.


1. Perform a Bing search for any subject matter that interests you. The result page will initially look very much like any other search engine. Besides the usual top bar with tabs listing a specific media types, there will be three vertical panes: ads on the middle pane, the normal search results would be on the left pane, and the social results would be on the right hand pane.







2. The feature that sounds the most interesting is the plethora of categorized results when researching for restaurants, flight tickets and hotels. Bing combines all the prices and descriptions besides reviews on the search topic.


3. How to use Bing innovatively and effectively is totally dependent on the user, just like google.

Comparison with Google Web search

Strengths and weaknesses; pluses and minuses; obvious differences in process or results. Whatever you think is appropriate in order to provide the most informative comparison possible. A table with a comparison of features may be helpful.

Comparison with Google.com

Google.com Bing.com
Provides more relevant information Social integrations are stronger
Instant search is better Results are more attractive
Connected Products provide more background information

How to get the most out of it

While google and bing are similar products, google beats bing for lots of reasons. And that is why while google takes about 80 percent of the searching engine industry while bing only takes 8 percent. However, since one of bing’s focus is on travel, if you are looking for travel information or flight and hotel fees, bing is the best thing to go for. Moreover, since bing is a Microsoft product, if you are searching for some information about the company or it’s products, bing is always the best tool to go.


1. Since bing.com incorporates a lot of information about traveling, if you want to search for some cheap hotels and flights, bing is the way to go.


2. Bing’s results are more attractive with all different media types, so if you are searching for some basic knowledge about what a thing is, you can use bing to give you a general sense with pictures, words and videos.


3. When search for Microsoft’s product, bing is the way to go. For example, if you search for xbox games, bing would come up with games directly.


Since Bing is in the process developing to be a better product, there is not much expectation on what it can do compared with google.


1.Bing vs.Google: Which Search Engine is the Best



2. Search effectively – http://onlinehelp.microsoft.com/en-us/bing/ff524480.aspx


3.Bing – Use advanced search – http://onlinehelp.microsoft.com/en-us/bing/ff808451.aspx



To Google or not to Google? Copyright © 2013 by Scott A. Moore. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. fschmer on December 1, 2012 at 6:33 pm says:

    You should eliminate the extra space between images and text and headers.

    You’re writing style can be a little confusing at times. Your transition between Microsoft and Bing is a little choppy at the beginning and I’ve noticed this problem throughout your writing which is something that could be worked on.

    Also, watch out for some grammatical errors. For example, you missed the word “the” in your first paragraph, should be “on top of THE computer world.” Also you capitalized the C in “Of course” in the first paragraph. This should not be capitalized. It would help to proofread the chapter again for these small mistakes.

    Links & images

    There are no links in your chapter. You should at least provide a link to Bing’s website at the very first mention of it in you chapter.

    You have very few images and the one of Bing’s search results is too small to see well. I would consider making it bigger. I also think that including a few more images of Bing’s abilities will help the reader understand Bing’s functionality.

    The chapter is created for a completely new Bing user which is great. Anyone would be able to understand the matter here which is a good thing. However, it would not inform an experienced internet user of much.

    Analysis & reasoning
    Should have a little bit more analysis and reasoning. Consider including more examples of the benefits of Bing to draw some more conclusions.

    Content requirements
    Your chapter meets the content requirements.

    Your chapter may be below the length requirement of three pages. Watch out for this especially when you eliminate the extra spaces between images and text.

  2. ervins on December 2, 2012 at 9:40 pm says:

    Honestly, I see a lot of improvement that could be done with this chapter. I’m going to start with the grading dimensions.

    Formatting – I think the first thing you need to do is remove the Microsoft logo and put a Bing logo at the very top above introduction. It would just make more sense to have a Bing logo vs. a Microsoft logo. You also have lot’s of extra enters between texts and pictures. It would be a good idea to eliminate those. Follow these directions Professor Moore posted for more formatting guidelines http://bk4a.com/bit330f2012/post/2070/formatting-guidelines-your-book-chapter.

    Writing- I think you could definitely use a proofread. Below are a few errors I saw.

    which is (WAS) founded by Bill Gates. After 30 years, Microsoft is on the top of (THE) computer world

    Of Course, Microsoft created not only the operating system. Bing is also a part of it. -> Of course, Microsoft not only created the Windows operating system but also Bing.

    you can imagine the power that Bing would (COULD) possibly create

    Links and Images – I would definitely add some more links and images. Make sure in the intro to mention what the URL is for Bing. You could also make the one screenshot you have a little larger because it’s hard to read as is. I would add in a few more screenshots. Maybe a screen shot of you searching for travel or something. I know there’s a cool feature where it will tell you if flight rates are expected to increase or decrease. That’d be cool to see.

    Informs – You show the basic way to use Bing. Normal searches, image search.. But I think you could do a better job of going more in-depth with it. Maybe some example searches using search operators that work with it or something. Currently, only a very basic user would be informed. I would include what search operators you can use with Bing. How to use the social search, what it does, what can you use it for (maybe when searching a restaurant you can see what friends like it for recommendations). I would also mention the rewards program Bing offers. Every search you get a point… points go towards things.

    Analysis & Reasoning – You could definitely use some more analysis in the Google Comparison part. Why is Google better?

    Content Requirements – I think you have every section Professor asked for but I would give more insight on each section. Show some examples.

    Length – it might be on the short side but after adding in some examples and some things I mentioned it might get it closer to the required length.

    It’s a good beginning to a chapter. I just think you need to go more in depth and provide more analysis/content. You seemed to miss a lot of the features or if you hit them did not overly explain.

  3. jfarran on December 3, 2012 at 7:14 pm says:

    I think you can make many improvements related to the formatting of your page. I think you can increase both the quantity of screenshots and the size of your screenshots.

    I also think you can better utilize different headings and make improvements by bolding and not bolding certain words or numbers within bullet lists.

    You can do some small things like this and it will may everything flow much better and be much easier to follow for the reader.

    I think you should eliminate or cut down on the amount you discuss Microsoft. It think you should be completely focused on Bing and only discuss the search engine. I think you can re-word a lot of your sentences as many are a little confusing. Adding more screenshots will really help to clarify so there isn’t any confusion.

    Just as a small side note: definitely take a quick minute to go through the entire text again and catch a lot of the little grammar or spelling mistakes sprinkled throughout the chapter.

    Links & images
    It is definitely necessary to add more links and screen shots into this chapter. I’ve mentioned it a few times before as well – I think this could be a huge improvement to the chapter and it’s something relatively easy as well. Just be sure the images you put in are large enough to see.

    I don’t think you go into enough detail into the specific features you discuss about Bing. I think the user would learn more through very detailed walkthrough examples where you clearly explain the tools. For example, you mention “deep links” and “instant answer”, you should compare these directly to Google or give a better description because I’m still a little unsure what these exact tools are.

    Analysis & reasoning
    Examples, examples, examples! When I’m reading a textbook chapter having very detailed examples to explain the content is really helpful to me. I think you have a great outline of points to talk about here but you should go back and provide a lot more analysis about what you like about the tools or where they could be improved.

    Content requirements
    You definitely talk about the correct content, I just think it should be greatly expanded.

    I will say right now your chapter should be longer, but based on all the feedback you receive you should have no problem reaching the length requirement.

    Overall, I think you have an excellent start you’ve got all the ideas there you just need to expand upon the base.

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